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Honoring our heritage while embracing modern innovation, we seek to inspire and ignite the human spirit with the exclusive ultra-premium Terroir Tequila from the El Arenal region of Jalisco, Mexico. Our terroir tequilas are made in small batches, utilizing traditional processes, and are harvested and produced in a historic hacienda in one of the most recognized and iconic tequila regions in the country.


Loco’s home is the legendary Hacienda La Providencia, in the Valle del Arenal, Jalisco, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006.  The role of La Providencia in tequila production is not only traditional, but innovation also runs in its DNA: it was one of the first places to use state-of-the-art technology in the production of tequila.  Now, with Loco Tequila, it will become the first distillery to make a Terroir Tequila in the Valle del Arenal, and the Hacienda de La Providencia is once again utilizing the highest quality methodology of 18th-century tequila-making combined with Loco’s innovative proprietary triple fermentation technology.

Loco owns its own plantations, which means that the team can guarantee the utmost quality agave that is sourced in a two-mile radius within El Arenal.  Once the six- to seven-year-old agaves are hand-selected, they go through a double Jima or shaving process — unlike most other tequilas on the market that only do it once — and then they are taken to a masonry oven following the traditional craftsmanship of this emblematic liquid. After almost three days in the ovens, the cooked piñas are taken to the Tahona, an ancient grinding stone, weighing approximately two tons, which slowly macerates the agave to obtain the agave juice. It is then fermented in wooden pipones which were rescued from the old Hacienda, which integrates the fibers from the milling, and along with native yeasts this provides character in the fermentation while transforming the sugars into alcohol. Finally, the distillation is carried out in small copper stills that help guarantee purity, while the size allows greater control over the cuts to obtain the purest essence of the agave. Once each batch is finished, the entire process begins anew.

Loco Tequila focuses wildly on the details, from the harvesting of the agaves, to the production of the tequila, to the creation of a unique bottle by the artist Jan Hendrix.